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Neon Leotard CHL10-ADL10

Studio 7

Regular price $35.95

Ignite your dance routine with a burst of retro energy in our Neon Leotard. Inspired by the electrifying style of the 80s, this leotard is a statement piece that will make you stand out in the spotlight. The vivid neon colors, combined with the striking contrasting waistband, create a dynamic and eye-catching look that's perfect for performances and practices alike.

Designed to embrace both style and functionality, this leotard offers a secure and comfortable fit for dancers of all levels. The bold design extends to the back, ensuring that you make an impression from every angle. For the ultimate throwback ensemble, pair it with our matching Neon Scrunchie to complete your 80s-inspired dance attire. Get ready to own the stage and infuse your performance with the energy of this iconic era.

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