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Convertible Mesh Overdress

Studio 7

Regular price $71.95

Unleash your creativity with our Convertible Mesh Overdress, a versatile dancewear piece designed to empower your style.

Crafted with two long mesh panels, you can effortlessly wrap, twist, and tie them into various configurations, creating a unique look that perfectly complements your choreography or group performance. The overdress features two mesh bands and a 3/4 skirt attached to the waistband, allowing you to layer it over tops, bottoms, or leotards, allowing you to tailor your outfit to your specific needs.

Made from a high-quality blend of Nylon and Spandex with delicate mesh detailing, this dress offers comfort and elegance while enabling you to showcase your dance artistry. Elevate your presence on stage and captivate your audience with the Convertible Mesh Overdress, a versatile canvas for your dance storytelling.

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