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Claudia Dean Spring Collection - Floral Botanica Sylvie Ballet Skirt

Claudia Dean

Regular price $46.95

Elevate your dance ensemble with the exquisite Spring Collection - Botanica Sylvie Skirt.

This captivating skirt is a true embodiment of the season's rejuvenation, featuring a delicate botanical motif that celebrates the beauty of nature. The Sylvie Skirt is designed to effortlessly flow with your movements, offering a sense of grace and elegance that perfectly complements your performance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the skirt's soft and lightweight fabric ensures comfort without compromising style. Whether you're rehearsing or gracing the stage, the Botanica Sylvie Skirt is a versatile addition to your dance wardrobe, allowing you to embrace the spirit of spring at every step.

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