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Baby Brazza advanced Pro with Wifi

Beautifully Me

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Using the App
Open the app on your mobile device, then follow the steps to register your Formula Pro Advanced® WiFi, create an account, and connect the Formula Pro Advanced WiFi to your home network. After connecting to WiFi, you can set-up the machine,
set-up bottles and use the app to control the Formula Pro Advanced WiFi.
To remove the Stirring Wheel, grasp it as shown above & pull up while holding the powder container down.
App Home Screen
App menu
Includes all instructions, contact us, add another user and other functions
Touch to dispense formula Touch to dispense water only
Touch to edit bottle settings Touch to select pre-set bottle
Control Panel Funnel Cover
Funnel Compartment Base
Bottle Grate
Selected bottle settings
Touch to stop dispensing
Touch to add a bottle pre-set
Power Cord (on back - not shown)
Drip Tray
Tip: Follow the set-up and cleaning instructions on the app or on the following pages to use your Formula Pro® Advanced properly.