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U Shaped Tooth Brush

Beautifully Me

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 This is beautie is perfect for our little loved ones.

Its fun and very easy to use..


90 * 45 * 15 mm (M) 120 * 50 *

17 mm

Color: Blue / Pink

Weight: 18 g


1. Apply toothpaste to both sides of the brush head.

2. Place the toothbrush in your mouth, rotate left to

right for effective cleaning,

3. After brushing your teeth, simply rinse your mouth

with water.


1. Change your toothbrush every 3 months.

2. This product is designed for children 1 to 12 years

old. The medium size is suitable for 6-12 years old

children, the small size is suitable for 1-6 years old


The pack includes:

1x Children's Silicone Toothbrush