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Half Ballet Shoe - Turning Pointe Leather H063W


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 Unlock your potential and unleash your turns with the Turning Pointe Leather Half Ballet Shoe. Designed with the dancer in mind, these shoes offer exceptional features to enhance your performance and confidence on the dance floor.

Crafted with a premium leather upper, these shoes provide the durability and flexibility you need for rigorous dance routines. The leather material ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing your feet to move effortlessly.

The EVA sole patch offers maximum floor coverage, allowing you to glide smoothly and turn with precision. With a round toe box and a wide sole patch, these shoes provide the perfect combination of stability and balance, giving you the confidence to execute flawless turns.

The elasticized binding around the sides and arch of the foot adds extra support and stability while turning. You can trust that these shoes will stay in place, allowing you to focus on your technique and performance.

Designed with attention to detail, the Turning Pointe Leather Half Ballet Shoe features a lower vamp and a rounder toe shape, ensuring perfect lines every time you dance. The interior sock lining showcases the signature of the renowned dancer Sophia Lucia, serving as a constant source of inspiration and motivation.

For your convenience, these shoes come with pre-attached 5/8" primary and 3/8" secondary elastics that can be placed in various positions to accommodate your personal preferences and provide a secure fit.

Experience the joy of effortless turns and exceptional performance with the Turning Pointe Leather Half Ballet Shoe. Elevate your dance skills and express yourself with confidence. Don't miss out on this essential dance accessory – order your pair today and take your turning abilities to new heights!

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