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Ballet Shoe - Juliet Leather Split Sole 2027


Regular price $54.95

Arabesque like the pros in the Leather Juliet Ballet Shoe. The unique sculpted arch improves pointing and flexing with ease. Features durable leather and pre-attached criss-cross elastics for a secure fit. This ballet slipper is a first rate choice for dancers with narrow feet. Snug yet flexible for extra control on stage. 

Product Features:

  • Constructed of soft leather 
  • Leather upper 
  • Split-sole with patented diamond gusset creates a seamless, sculpted arch
  • Contoured, durable chrome tanned suede sole patches 
  • Polyester and cotton lining 
  • Hammered pleats for smooth floor contact 
  • Precision trimmed forefoot padding ensures a flat shoe 
  • Bar-tacked elastic drawstring 
  • Pre-attached criss-cross elastics


What can i say this is the grand slipper of slippers! This slipper hugs the foot, the leather is so soft it moulds to your foot just like nothing else. Made from sheep skin, contoured toe pads for protection. Sewn on cross elastics so you dont have to sew them on! Perfect for the professional dancer who loves their feet to dazzle on stage.